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Attention Hamilton!

JC Retail is proud to extend our unique buy, sell, trade, experience to the Hammer. JC Retail is the place to go for modern and retro video games, cool stuff, custom t-shirts, and e-cigarette, vaporizer needs, and much more. Our team has been empowered to pay you more than the other guys, and even more so in credit. Come on in and check out what JC Retail is all about!

Video Games

Video Games at JC Retail

Have you been searching the web and wasting your gas in search for a game? Are you finding yourself walled into a corner by your overwhelming collection of games and you just can’t find that next title to evict you from your room? Is there a console you are craving to play but have limited funds? JC Retail is the answer! Tired of Mario getting all the glory in the mushroom kingdom? Why not give Pikachu or mega man a try? From reproduction video games that reinvent the classics to the original cartridges from back in the good ol’ day, we have you covered. Don’t forget that we purchase games and consoles from the public as well!

Videos at JC Retail

Get the popcorn ready. Here at JC Retail we have an abundance of DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, and Television seasons with prices that anyone can afford. With over two thousand individual titles in our library we hope to be the foundation to your collection.


Board Games & Comics

Table Top Games and Comics at JC Retail

No Lights? No Music? No problem! Bust out the candles and grab a board game at our everyday low price. Can’t get the gang together? Grab one of our $0.25 comics instead *while supplies last*.

Music at JC Retail

Calling all music lovers. We are currently searching near and far for your gear. We are on the lookout for:



Tools at JC Retail

We carry a wide variety of tools for everyday use. From battery operated drills to air compressors, we buy and sell tools for all occasions.

Clothing at JC Retail

Looking to party likes its 1999? Make a shirt! You provide us with a high-resolution image or photo and we will put it on a shirt. Love that 1989 Toyota Corolla? Can’t get enough of that majestic maple tree? Grandma passed out and burnt Santa’s cookies?... PUT IT ON A SHIRT!


Buys & Loans

Buys & Loans at JC Retail

Attention Hamilton public, we are looking for your old and gently used items. Virtually anything you see in our stores we purchase directly from our customers, without you we wouldn’t be in business. Just do us a favor and make sure whatever it is, it works, it’s clean, and it’s ready for a new home.

Home / Car Audio at JC Retail

Bring the concert experience to your car or home with a few upgrades from us! From hi-fidelity audio to DTS and beyond, we’ll be happy to help you move some air.

Home / Car Audio

Vape Shop

Vape Shop at JC Retail

Did somebody say vape shop? For those of you who already know what we’re about, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support. We pride ourselves on the service we offer to every customer who walks through the door. We are a no pressure source for all your e-cigarette, e-liquid, and vaporizer needs. Our staff is trained to help the customer understand how their device functions and the appropriate maintenance for general use. Whether you’re a beginner or experts we are happy to support all users.