Store Closed

To Our Valued Customers

JC Retail on King George Road in Brantford ontario has closed perminantly.

If you had any product on Loan at JC Retail at the time of it's closure, your product has NOT FORFEITED. True North Vapor is fascilitating the return of goods to customers who have been affected by this. Due to the fact that not all customers chose to provide a phone number or email, a number of loans are still available for pickup, but we have no way to reach you. Please call us at your nearest convenience at 226-227-2179 if you intend to redeem your products.

To help with this transition period, True North Vapor will also assist customers of JC Retail with any warranty claims on vape and herbal hardware. We are located at 51 Woodyatt Drive in Brantford, Ontario, across the street from the Lynden Park Mall (visible from the bus stop).